Thursday, August 25, 2016

Real Estate Agent’s Heart Of Gold

Gets You Your Dream Home

by Nancy Snipper

Grant Spencer Vallinis is the real deal; even though you may think you’re seeing a magnificent mirage. No, you aren’t dreaming. Yes, he is easy on the eyes, but his allure is also deep within. He treats you like the person you deserve to be and beyond your wildest dreams. It’s not that Grant – the real estate agent is in it for the money; rather he has a passion for real estate that stems from his caring and wise late mother.

We often spent our weekends going to open houses. We actually wanted to start a mother/son realtor business.
My mother taught me golden values – treating a person with dignity and respect will always outweigh any amount of gold you wear or carry.”
He credits her for making him more aware of women’s needs, and this has translated into his work. He developed a sensitivity and understanding for women looking to buy on their own.

Grant is a mathematical genius – an acumen that works in your financial favour as a buyer. He ranked top 25% in numerous mathematics and computing competitions in Canada. He’s also a sportsman; volley ball was his sport, but a knee injury stopped him from considering making it his profession. Not one to give in to defeat, he founded Aftershock Volleyball Club in 2012. The athletes (ages 12 to 18) he trains compete at provincial and national events. They win most games, but the real victory he says is his. “The athletes gain self-esteem and self worth”.

Grant revealed he came from the school of hard knocks, and knows what it’s like to aspire to be something that seems out of your reach. “I know from personal experience hard work, empathy and perseverance, you can turn the odds into your favour. Today as a real estate broker I acknowledge that people have their own challenges but they still have their dreams. My role is to remove the obstacles so that their dreams of owning a house will happen. I want to make their house dream happen utilizing the conditions that are best suited for them, and making a perfect match: person to house.”

Luck brought Grant to me, via an unjust parking violation ticket sitting on my car, and this man stopped to take photos when I waved him down. he urged me to fight it. Now here’s the kicker, I had no idea what he did for a living until 5 hours after spending time with him that day.

Grant is the type of agent who is not out for the immediate and fast sell. As it happened, I was looking to buy. He spent another few hours with me at a later date to ask me all about the kind of house I was looking to buy. Soon, he had great ones lined up.

What really impressed me about this man, aside from his prompt and on-the mark – understanding of what I wanted – judging by the houses he showed me, was his incredible understanding of market trends that work in your favour, even if it meant holding on making a fast sale that would benefit him, rather than you.

I really felt he had my interest at heart; and he was fun to be with.
And when the time comes to make that score, he doesn’t just submit to a negotiation. He wants you to win, while avoiding any “foul play.”
After five years of meeting agents, I’ve finally found the one I want to work with, and I know he’ll find me my house.

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