Sunday, June 21, 2015

La Floret

The Flower Shop with the Loveliest Flowers and Owner

Reviewed by Nancy Snipper

When I moved to Verdun, something drew me into La Floret. As soon as I walked in, a splendid array of flowers greeted my senses, and along with this, the winning sweet smile of the store’s owner, Antonia. No hard sell with her; she just oozes sublime gentleness and humility.
Antonia has a Greek background, and as we all know, the Greeks are known for their generosity and hospitality. Every time I need a flower boost and a chance to feel happy by chatting with her, I always go to la Floret.
I end up walking out with my favourite flower: Casablanca lilies, and her prices are a steal.
Antonia donated heaps of bouquets and arrangements to the launch of my poetry/short story book, Beyond the Dream, Epic Solitude (see SMR Culture Plus). I honestly think it was her spirit of giving and the floral arrangements she made for the event helped get my book off the ground and into dream land.
Immerse yourself in the calming atmosphere of La Floret, meet Antonia and take time to smell the flowers. I am sure, you will not walk out of there empty handed.
She can handle any occasion: weddings, graduation, birthdays and more.

The address is: 5117 Rue de Verdun, QC, H4G
Call (514) 270-0088

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

MMM… Muthins!

Eating my favourite muffin and feeling thin

by Nancy Snipper

The other day I was at the Monkland Street Fair in Montreal where a ton of activities were going on, including tastings of new products.

I indulged myself, but there was one foodie that I can’t forget: Muthins

Ali (left) and Nancy (right) at the Monkland Street Fair

It’s a muffin that is so tasty and yet is only 90 calories. Everything inside is natural too. Of course, it is. That’s because the recipe goes back to 1985, and Ali Beloff, who has just started the company told me her mom is a nutritionist, and her inspiration to get these wonderful 100% all-natural bran muffins into everyone’s diet. There are seven different kinds and each one is as tasty as the next. I loved the lemon poppy seed one and the raisin. I can hardly wait to go back and purchase the other fruit flavours. Nothing was dry in texture!

I was so curious about this MUthin magnificent muffin, I asked Ali to tell me all about this muffin and why it is so different than those other health ones. Here’s what she said:
“What makes MUthins different than all the other healthy "muffin men”? Well first off, we’re muffin women, but more importantly, ours don’t taste like saw dust – they’re actually quite moist! Our secret recipe is a derivative of our mother’s, Leslie Beloff  – a certified nutritionist – thus adding an element of authenticity to everything that we do. 

Lesley (left), Ali (right)
Our flavours include: carrot, raisin, banana, chocolate-chip, lemon-poppy seed, apple-cinnamon and blueberry! With a MUthin in hand, you know you’re snacking the healthy way. Our mission is to help our community attain and maintain healthier lifestyles, one MUthin at a time”.

The MUthin Muffin story – a real girlie one
I asked her how it got started. Here is her “big MUthin reveal.

“Growing up in the Beloff household, the promotion of health, nutrition and the appreciation for local, fresh whole foods was always at the forefront”. Ali said that all of these essential values were instilled by founders, Chelsea and Ali’s mother, Leslie Beloff – the original MUthin women.
“Studying nutrition at McGill in her early 20’s and graduating as a certified nutritionist, our mom recognized the high need and empty gap in the Montreal food market for healthy snacking. Starting in 1985, she began her very own health muffin company with a line of ground-breaking 56-calorie muffins.” 

In 2011, Chelsea and Ali, along with a best friend, Jennifer, revamped their mother’s recipe – adding a few more calories with a whole-lot more flavor.
And thus, the MUthin was born! 
Keeping her mother’s values dear to her heart, Ali grabbed the steering wheel in the MUthins kitchen in 2015, with an everlasting urge to innovate with new MUthin flavours, shapes and derivatives to accommodate her community’s wants and needs.
Muthins is currently distributing to local health food stores, grocery stores, gyms, cafés, fitness centers, business offices and homes all across Montreal and the greater Quebec area. 

Visit: You can order your favorite muffin off the website. They come in a six-pack or are individually wrapped for on-the-go gals.
Wholesalers welcome!