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The Most Creative Hairdresser in Chapala, Mexico

                                                            By Nancy Snipper

Her name is Karla, and I discovered her by chance. I had just climbed down the mountain leading off the main street in wonderful Chapala. The view from the top gave me a 360- degree vista of Chapala’s stunning enormous lake that is the focal point of this city in Jalisco province.
Estetica Karla’s is just on the main street that ascends up to the base of the mountain.
She and her daughter have been working together and their combined experience offers more than 22 years of cutting, styling and colouring hair.
I walked in and told Karla to give me something funky, fun and lively.
She began mixing colours using at least three different bowls and after two hours, my dark drab hair was no longer. I was full of golden streaks, strategically placed to give me a wow effect. It was a 240-karat job as far as I was concerned. Then, Karla told me she couldn’t let me leave without applying makeup. This was on the house. Oh my God, I felt like a movie star. I must have looked like one too, for when I left; a woman on the street was staring at me. I asked her in Spanish why she was staring at me. Her reply was simple: “Eres Bella.” That made my day. I was “beautiful” according to this lovely-looking lady who was at least 20 years younger than me.
Karla was not only fun, she laughed a lot, danced to the music after my hair was done, and generally made me realize that joy resides in her ‘estetica’ ( beauty salon).
She is a beauty. So next time, you need a hair fix, a face “lift” and a smile at your lips, you just poke your head in and say: “Karla, I need you.” The cost for all of this was $25. In Canada, it would have cost close to $250.00! Just ask for Karla’s Estetica. Her address is: Lopéz Cotilla #361-A; her cell is 333-506-34-13.
Karla (left) / Nancy (right)

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The Best Doctor in Chapala

                                                                  by Nancy Snipper

He does acupuncture, manipulations of the spine, holistic treatments, consultations and tests and readings of lab results.
In fact this doctor is so well trained and knowledgeable, I would move down to Mexico just to be treated by him. His name is Dr. José Ricardo Heredia Granados. He has trained in Beijing and North America. I didn’t even have an appointment. I walked into his “office” and he appeared from his inner office. Hand-made wooden furniture designed by him warmed me up to the place.
Dr Granados immediately welcomed me and read my lab reports ordered by another doctor who was not available to read the report.
Not only did he call the lab for further testing, but wanted me to stay one day longer in order to prescribe appropriate treatment after all tests were completed. He could do this in a few hours the next day.
We began to talk about the body and healing. At this point I asked him if he would like to listen to a song magnificently sung my Georgia. It is called “Who Wants to Live Forever.”  The late great Freddie Mercury of Queen also performed it; in fact one of his band members composed it. Thank God for You Tube.
Dr. Granados didn’t hesitate. Together we listened to it, and he commented how much he admired Freddie Mercury of Queen. This was a cool doctor who truly understood the value of a moment and to go with it. He suddenly asked me if he could do some manipulations on my back. It was killing me, and I had been suffering for several months. “There is no charge. I need to help you.”
He gently manoeuvred my body into various positions and made the comment that he does not wait until he hears a crack of the spine. He feels this is not necessary. Nonetheless, he did realign me as several ‘cracks’ came out, including those painful kinks that we all have in the neck and back.
The cost for the 2 hours I spent with him was a mere $17. He also handed my friend several tablets of cipro, a powerful antibiotic that alleviates infection. He did not charge him, and this drug is very expensive. Dr. Granados’ office is on Flavio Romeo #453 in Chapala. He is right beside the lab. Please visit him, even if you feel well. Phone: 376 765 22 33, Cell: 331 408 18 32.

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