Thursday, February 23, 2017

Are Advances made in Civil Rights and Liberties Being Reversed?

Are the principles and concepts that have been established by The Constitution of the United States being threatened?  As a desired destination for many seeking a better life - is this still possible? Is the American Dream being replaced by an American Nightmare? Should the citizens of Canada, United Kingdom, Israel and other allies be fearful of losing their rights? Many in America (Muslims, Mexicans - all ethnicities, plus LGBT, women and marginal minorities)? Canada and the U.S. have always had much in common (with very few exceptions).
Will Donald Trump build a wall along our border as he is threatening to do with Mexico? WE DON'T NEED WALLS ... WE NEED BRIDGES! Walls divide ... bridges unite. Much of humanity has family, friendships and loved ones around the world. Many of us are now separated due to current border restrictions, travelling and passport/visa requirements. All of these tightened oppressive rules are in response to the threat of terrorism and criminal activity. Quite frankly, the current measures and those proposed  do not work against the intended; rather they seriously harm the innocent and ordinary citizen. 

This has already begun. On Friday, January 27, 2017, an executive order 'temporarely/indefinately' banning entry from seven countries in the Middle East (issued in the first week of Trump's administration). This has caused much confusion, suffering, chaos and even trauma, as many were detained and turned back, even if they had valid documentation.
Further more, policies that discriminate against certain groups based on colour of skin, nationality, religion and sexual orientation only fuel the fires of hatred and intolerance, leading to an increase in anger, violence and disorder. This vicious never-ending cycle of bloodshed, vengeance, inhuman atrocities, genocide and total devastation must end and be replaced with tolerance, understanding and love. It is only when all of humanity, irregardless of skin colour, creeds, opinions or orientations, comes together and cooperates in peace and harmony will all of our problems be solved. Oppression, imposition and bloodshed only leads to more of the same. The current vicious circle that plagues us now, MUST BE BROKEN, NOT NOURISHED!


presumed innocent until proved guilty”

Many of Trump's statements during his campaign and his actions since becoming President are in total opposition to fundamental human rights. His type of delusional, xenophobic and extremist statements and reactions will not make America "GREAT AGAIN." Could this the beginning of a fascist brutal and world-threatening dictatorship? Will Trump follow in the footsteps of Hitler, Franco, Stalin, Assad and others? Or, be even worse? Will Americans mysteriously begin to disappear (as with many dictatorships in South America in the 1970s)?
Further to his 'executive order', banning entry into the U.S. from seven Middle Eastern, predominately Muslim countries – what crime(s) have the following committed against the American people – what threat do they pose to National Security:
  • A 75-year-old woman, who has lived in States for 20 years, returning home from visiting her family in Iraq, who is MURDERED due to this Hitlerian racist order?
  • A five-year-old boy from Syria traumatized by seeing his parents handcuffed and further traumatized by being handcuffed himself?
  • Award-winning Iranian director Asghar Farhadi and actress Taraneh Alidoosti, who are unable to attend the Academy Awards? He had won an Oscar for his previous film “A Separation”; and his latest “The Salesman” has also been nominated.
  • And, no doubt, many others. Please leave a comment below, if you have any.

[Note (03/02/2017): A U.S. Judge has temporarily granted a restraining order. The three judges of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals have since upheld the restraining order.]

Remember the horrors inflicted by Nazi Germany during Hitler's dictatorship, the 'final solution' and his expansionist militaristic policies? Add to this, the near invincibility of the Imperial Roman Army. It offers some glimmer of hope that Trump will not succeed in attaining “absolute power”, when I hear about the strong resistance to his unconstitutional and hateful policies, and his apparent desire to reverse every achievements made in the advancement of civil rights and freedoms. Since his inauguration, there has been a march or protest against Trump's policies, statements and 'executive' orders practically everyday. We have all heard about his 'temper tantrums' on Twitter. How much longer can he hold out from venting his rage on those who oppose him? How much longer before he calls in the troops to put a stop to the marches and protests?
According to Global Firepower the United States is rated number one among the 126 countries listed on its database in regards to relative military strength. Using its unique analytical formula, the GPF incorporates data concerning modern military powers to display a list that puts the military powers of the world into full perspective, allowing for a broad spectrum of comparisons to be achieved concerning relative military strengths.
As Hitler sought for a greater Germany through military strength, does Trump have the same desire for America? Let us hope and pray that Donald Trump can be impeached before he takes America and the rest of the world down a dark, foreboding and destructive path.

For Roman Empire: HERE and HERE.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Real Estate Agent’s Heart Of Gold

Gets You Your Dream Home

by Nancy Snipper

Grant Spencer Vallinis is the real deal; even though you may think you’re seeing a magnificent mirage. No, you aren’t dreaming. Yes, he is easy on the eyes, but his allure is also deep within. He treats you like the person you deserve to be and beyond your wildest dreams. It’s not that Grant – the real estate agent is in it for the money; rather he has a passion for real estate that stems from his caring and wise late mother.

We often spent our weekends going to open houses. We actually wanted to start a mother/son realtor business.
My mother taught me golden values – treating a person with dignity and respect will always outweigh any amount of gold you wear or carry.”
He credits her for making him more aware of women’s needs, and this has translated into his work. He developed a sensitivity and understanding for women looking to buy on their own.

Grant is a mathematical genius – an acumen that works in your financial favour as a buyer. He ranked top 25% in numerous mathematics and computing competitions in Canada. He’s also a sportsman; volley ball was his sport, but a knee injury stopped him from considering making it his profession. Not one to give in to defeat, he founded Aftershock Volleyball Club in 2012. The athletes (ages 12 to 18) he trains compete at provincial and national events. They win most games, but the real victory he says is his. “The athletes gain self-esteem and self worth”.

Grant revealed he came from the school of hard knocks, and knows what it’s like to aspire to be something that seems out of your reach. “I know from personal experience hard work, empathy and perseverance, you can turn the odds into your favour. Today as a real estate broker I acknowledge that people have their own challenges but they still have their dreams. My role is to remove the obstacles so that their dreams of owning a house will happen. I want to make their house dream happen utilizing the conditions that are best suited for them, and making a perfect match: person to house.”

Luck brought Grant to me, via an unjust parking violation ticket sitting on my car, and this man stopped to take photos when I waved him down. he urged me to fight it. Now here’s the kicker, I had no idea what he did for a living until 5 hours after spending time with him that day.

Grant is the type of agent who is not out for the immediate and fast sell. As it happened, I was looking to buy. He spent another few hours with me at a later date to ask me all about the kind of house I was looking to buy. Soon, he had great ones lined up.

What really impressed me about this man, aside from his prompt and on-the mark – understanding of what I wanted – judging by the houses he showed me, was his incredible understanding of market trends that work in your favour, even if it meant holding on making a fast sale that would benefit him, rather than you.

I really felt he had my interest at heart; and he was fun to be with.
And when the time comes to make that score, he doesn’t just submit to a negotiation. He wants you to win, while avoiding any “foul play.”
After five years of meeting agents, I’ve finally found the one I want to work with, and I know he’ll find me my house.

Here’s the info:

Monday, March 14, 2016

Dream Aria's Note to All Bands

Top of Form
Bottom of Form

“This is a note to all Bands:

This Note Is to All Bands
Be CAREFUL before signing anything !!
Dream Aria has been doing music now for over 10 years 
and have been offered many different record deals as well
as all kinds of related music deals 
We almost signed a deal that once again was Hot Air 
but looked great  and very hard to tell the difference from this fake company to the real company
and it came from people on ReverbNation 
so, please before signing anything: 
#1 google the hell out of it 
#2 make phone calls 
#3 ask other people in the industry that You can trust 
#4 ask others about their relationship with the people you want to sign with
#5 if it all looks great go to a Music Lawyer 
we have now gone to a music lawyer 5 times, and each time they have recommended us not to sign. 
this is costly but will save you lots of time and money in the end.” 

Reprinted and posted with permission from email sent by Dream Aria (an indie band from Grimsby, Ontario, Canada) on March 14 2016.

To contact Dream Aria:  


[Translated to French by Sylvain Richard – editor]
« Ceci est une note à toutes les groupes:

Cette note est de toutes les groupes
Soyez prudent avant de signer quoi ca soit !!
Dream Aria fait de la musique maintenant plus de 10 ans
et ont été offert de nombreux records différentes offres ainsi
que toutes sortes de transactions de musique connexes
Nous avons presque signé un accord qui a été une fois de plus du blablabla
mais avait l'air super et très difficile de faire la différence à partir de cette fausse entreprise à la société réelle
et il est venu des gens sur ReverbNation
donc, s'il vous plaît avant de signer quoi ca soit:
# 1 google l'enfer
en dehors de ça
# 2 faire des appels téléphoniques
# 3 demander d'autres personnes dans l'industrie a qui vous pouvez faire confiance
# 4 demander d'autres au sujet de leur relation avec les gens que vous voulez signer avec
# 5 si tout ressemble bien consulter un Avocat de Musique
nous avons maintenant passé à un avocat de la musique 5 fois, et a chaque fois ils nous ont recommandé de ne pas signer.
ce qui est coûteux, mais vous permettra d'économiser beaucoup de temps et d'argent à la fin. »

Reproduit et affiché avec la permission de l'email envoyé par Dream Aria (un groupe indépendant provenant de Grimsby, Ontario, Canada) d’un courriel reçu le 14 Mars 2016.
Pour contacter Dream Aria:

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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Lakshmi Health Store, San Miguel de Allende

Your one-stop health home

Reviewed by Nancy Snipper

Lackshmi is the Indian God of body and health. This remarkable store is aptly named, for it contains a myriad of organic products to promote your well-being from the inside out.
 Silvia Carranza who owns this unique one-stop “hospital of health”, cares about your needs, and most importantly, guides you to the right products – all natural and notably effective. I took the collagen/botox cream along with an anti-inflammation under-the-eye gel. The cream for my body worked like a tonic for dry skin; I also snagged that one.
But Lakshmi also provides a full gamut of hands-on therapies: Reiki, massage biomagnetitism – to name a few, plus there is a homeopathic doctor you can consult with along with a nutritionist. This unique place offers so many health assets, aside from pills, herbs and organic edibles. There is even at-home night care service. How wonderful is that?!
 The address is: Canal 67. Phone 150-0037.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Nicolas Boukhrief’s “Inside the Cell”

“Made in France” de Nicolas Boukhrief

The line between reality and fiction is completely eliminated in this frighteningly nightmarish film. The filmmaker has successfully tapped into modern day phobias.
La ligne entre la réalité et la fiction est complètement éliminée dans ce film terriblement cauchemardesque. Le cinéaste a puisé avec succès dans les phobies modernes.

(Saw this film during the 44th Festival du Nouveau Cinema on October 15 2015)
(Vu ce film dans le cadre du 44e Festival du Nouveau Cinéma le 15 Octobre 2015)

Editorial comment in light of recent terrorist attacks – specifically those in Paris on Friday evening November 13 2015:
Paris Attacks Nov 13
This powerfully relevant and unnerving film was completed before the Charlie Hebdo attack of January 7 2015. Because of this incident, the original distributor, SND pulled out. While the events prompted SND to opt out, Pretty Pictures stepped in and played up the comparisons to reality. Since then it has only been screened at Busan Film Festival (Busan, South Korea, October 1-10, 2015), Festival du Nouveau Cinema (Montreal, Canada, October 7-18, 2015) and Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (Talinn, Estonia, November 13-29, 2015). The film was set to open in French theatres on Wednesday, November 18th. Due to the tragic Paris attacks of November 13th, whereby a coordinated series of terrorist acts killed at least 130 people, the film’s opening was postponed until a later date. Updates will follow when available.
Commentaire éditorial à la lumière des récentes attaques terroristes – en particulier ceux de Paris le Vendredi soir, le 13 Novembre 2015:
Charlie Hebdo Crime Scene

Ce film puissamment pertinente et énervant a été achevée avant l'attaque Charlie Hebdo, du 7 Janvier 2015. En raison de cet incident, le distributeur original, SND Distribution sorti. Bien que les événements ont incité SND se retire, Pretty Pictures sont intervenus et ont joué sur les comparaisons à la réalité. Depuis lors, il a seulement été présenter au Festival du film de Busan (Busan, Corée du Sud, du 1 au 10 Octobre, 2015), le Festival du Nouveau Cinéma (Montréal, Canada, du 7 au 18 Octobre, 2015) et le Festival du film des Nuits Noires de Tallinn (Tallinn, Estonie, du 13 au 29 Novembre, 2015). Le film a été du à sorti dans les salles Françaises le Mercredi 18 Novembre. En raison des attentats tragiques de Paris du 13 Novembre, dans lequel une série d'actes terroristes coordonnée qui ont tué au moins 130 personnes, la sortie du film a été reportée à une date ultérieure. Les mises à jour seront affichées lorsqu'ils seront disponibles.

Scenario of film:
This movie takes us into the heart of the extremist terrorist cells responsible. Sam, a journalist, uses his Muslim background to infiltrate fundamentalist circles on the outskirts of Paris. He wants to write an article on jihadist extremism. He earns the trust of four young men who are waiting for their leader, Hassan, to return from a stint in a ‘training camp’ in Pakistan. When Hassan returns, he states that they need to ‘declare war’ on the non-Muslim world. They begin preparations with a total disregard for the laws of the land. Sam goes to the police with the information. They force him to go undercover to find out who is actually giving the orders. This puts not only himself in grave danger but also his wife and son.
 Scénario du film:
Sam, un journaliste, utilise son milieu Musulmane pour infiltrer les cercles fondamentalistes à la périphérie de Paris. Il veut écrire un article sur l'extrémisme djihadiste. Il gagne la confiance de quatre jeunes hommes qui attendent leur chef, Hassan, pour revenir après un séjour dans un «camp d'entraînement» au Pakistan. Lorsqu’Hassan retourne, il affirme qu'ils ont besoin de «déclarer la guerre» sur le monde non-Musulman. Ils commencent préparations avec un mépris total pour les lois de la société. Sam va à la police avec l'information. Ils l'obligent à aller en secret pour savoir qui est celui qui réellement a donnait les ordres. Cela met non seulement lui-même en danger, mais aussi sa femme et son fils.

What is a MARTYR?
Here is the definition as per
1. a person who willingly suffers death rather than renounce his or her religion.
2. a person who is put to death or endures great suffering on behalf of any belief, principle, or cause: a martyr to the cause of social justice.
3. a person who undergoes severe or constant suffering: a martyr to severe headaches.
4. a person who seeks sympathy or attention by feigning or exaggerating pain, deprivation, etc.
verb (used with object):
5. to make a martyr of, especially by putting to death.
6. to torment or torture. 
Comments: Which of the above (or French definition below) would justify calling a SUICIDE BOMBER a MARTYR? How are the victims of such attacks FORCING the bomber to renounce his religious principles; i.e. how is MURDERING others going to achieve salvation? Why are most suicide bombers young and thus have their whole lives ahead of them? If they continued to live can they not learn to bring about greater good by HELPING the unenlightened rather than killing them? VIOLENCE CAN NEVER LEAD TO RIGHTEOUSNESS – IT CAN ONLY BREED MORE. Last question: why do we never see the leaders of those groups (example ISIS, White Supremacy, etcetera) who preach this concept of committing suicide; killing innocent victims; engendering fear, hatred and intolerance take part in these attacks. In my opinion they are the hateful cowards, the murderers and thieves killing innocence and robbing many of achieving their full potential.

Quel est un martyr(e)?
Voici la définition selon le Dictionnaire Larousse :
Personne qui a souffert la mort pour sa foi religieuse, pour une cause à laquelle elle se sacrifie : Les martyrs de la Résistance.
Chrétien mis à mort ou torturé en témoignage de sa foi. (On l'appelait aussi martyr de la foi ou confesseur (de la foi].)
Commentaires : Laquelle des définitions ci-dessus (Anglais ou Français) justifieraient appelant un KAMIKAZE un MARTYR? Comment sont les victimes de ces attaques forçant le bombardier de renoncer à ses principes religieux; c’est a dire comment que le meurtre d'autres va obtenir le salut? Pourquoi la plupart des kamikazes sont jeunes et ont donc toute leur vie devant eux? Si ils ont continué à vivre ne peuvent-ils apprendre à apporter plus de bien en secourant les non avertis, plutôt que de les tuer? LA VIOLENCE NE PEUT JAMAIS CONDUIRE À LA JUSTICE – IL PEUT SEULEMENT QU'ENGENDRER PLUS. Une dernière question: pourquoi que nous voyons jamais les dirigeants de ces groupes (par exemple ISIS, la Suprématie Blanche, etc.) qui prêchent ce concept de se suicider; tuer des victimes innocentes; engendrant la peur, la haine et l'intolérance, prennent part à ces attaques. À mon avis, ils sont les lâches haineuses, les assassins et les voleurs qui tue  l’innocence et privant un grand nombre de réaliser leur plein potentiel.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

La Floret

The Flower Shop with the Loveliest Flowers and Owner

Reviewed by Nancy Snipper

When I moved to Verdun, something drew me into La Floret. As soon as I walked in, a splendid array of flowers greeted my senses, and along with this, the winning sweet smile of the store’s owner, Antonia. No hard sell with her; she just oozes sublime gentleness and humility.
Antonia has a Greek background, and as we all know, the Greeks are known for their generosity and hospitality. Every time I need a flower boost and a chance to feel happy by chatting with her, I always go to la Floret.
I end up walking out with my favourite flower: Casablanca lilies, and her prices are a steal.
Antonia donated heaps of bouquets and arrangements to the launch of my poetry/short story book, Beyond the Dream, Epic Solitude (see SMR Culture Plus). I honestly think it was her spirit of giving and the floral arrangements she made for the event helped get my book off the ground and into dream land.
Immerse yourself in the calming atmosphere of La Floret, meet Antonia and take time to smell the flowers. I am sure, you will not walk out of there empty handed.
She can handle any occasion: weddings, graduation, birthdays and more.

The address is: 5117 Rue de Verdun, QC, H4G
Call (514) 270-0088